„To think is to arouse the mind; the mind becomes active, dynamic.  That which is essential in you is asleep, it needs to be aroused, awakened. This is why suffering is important: with pleasure the mind can go to sleep; with pain and suffering the mind cannot go to sleep, it either has to struggle or capitulate.“

‘Turn your attention inwards.’  This does not mean turn your attention to the body, the head, the heart.  It means ‘become involved, no longer hold everything at arms’ length, no longer see everything from outside, be one with.’  This is turning inwards.
You can read a dissertation from outside, but with a real life problem you can only work from within.  It is a bit like the difference between going to a lecture and going to a play, your attitude is completely different.  When you listen to a lecture the words being used are conceptual words, the lecture is over there.  But with a play you participate, you become one with the actors, you see it all from inside.“

We look for the experience of awakening, but awakening is not a new experience, it is a new way of experiencing.


by A. Low

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