You always get what you want

„You always get what you want, invariably, even though you may think that it’s entirely opposed to your wishes. But if it’s your karma, it’s everything that happens to you. Putting in another way, everything that comes to you is a return to you of what goes out of you. Yes obviously that’s absurd, if you confine the definition of yourself to your voluntary conscious behavior. That’s a ridiculous definition of oneself. Oneself, by any stretch of the imagination, must involve far more than the conscious and voluntary aspects of our behavior. And if we see that it involves, intimately and inescapably, the behavior of what we call the other, the not self, the environment, and see that these two are moving together like the two sides of the snake, when it swims. Then you get a very curious feeling. You have to be careful of it, if you’ve got a Western background. Because this is what happens to a lot of people who play around with psychedelic chemicals. There are many many cases of inflation among these people, that is to say, when you get this sensation that the ´two sides of the world, the inside and the outside are moving together, you may think I am ruling it, I am God in the Western sense of the word. Therefore your ego, instead of being as it were – integrated and transcended – with all this process, merely assumes vast dimensions, has megalomania, is blown up by the mystical experience. And so you’ll get the >holier-than-thou people< going around, who seem to think that they’re above all human conventions and have no obligations to anyone or anything, because they’re divine and they can do as they damn please. What they haven’t realized is, that doing as you will, isn’t a new kind of behavior, that you suddenly put on and stay from now on I’m going to go around doing as I will. You have to realize first, that that’s what you’ve always been doing.“ – Alan Watts

Listen to the talk:

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