Peace now!

The omnipresence of the insignificant

Why do we find to-day this fast and vague mass of trivialities, which have nothing in common except that they are <all> in reaction against the very last of human traditions? Why has this cheap and really  worthless sort of scepticism got into such universal circulation?

When he says that a brave man must be a stupid man, he wantonly says something that can instantly be disproved and dismissed as impudent and idiotic. Why does he say it, except to relieve his feelings; and in that case what are his feelings? We only know that they have never yet been the normal feelings of men, yet they seem just now to be the almost involuntary feelings of a vast number of men. That is the problem that I find practically pestering us on every side to-day, and that is what I mean by comparing the buzz of dull flippancy to the screaming of gnats or flies.


G.K. Chesterton, 1932

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