When you feel broken……


“Go where the heart of the problem lies. One must not be afraid to ask others and oneself simple questions. The heart of the problem lies in the stony quality of the mind, the flint-like quality of the mind, the hard quality. It very often comes out of an anxiety, or an irritation, or a discomfort. The mind is uncomfortable with itself, or uncomfortable with the world. In the very middle of that discomfort, there is a crack. It is through that crack that you must go. There is only one way that we are going to get rid of war in this world, that is by each one of us getting rid of the war in our own hearts. The only place we can start to help others is by helping ourselves. There was a very famous Tibetan, Mila Repa, who forbade his disciples to go out and help others. „It is only when you can help others without the least element of selfishness, that your help can do anything other than end in catastrophe.“ – Albert Low, Zen Master


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