Go where the heart of the problem lies

“There are no things, there are only processes.” – David Bohm

“Understand this as a process. If you isolate a single moment of the process you loose your bearings. And its precisely the fragmentation and isolation into a single event that they depend upon to keep to sustain the trance. It’s a process.” – McMurtry

“Go where the heart of the problem lies. One must not be afraid to ask others and oneself simple questions. The heart of the problem lies in the stony quality of the mind, the flint-like quality of the mind, the hard quality. It very often comes out of an anxiety, or an irritation, or a discomfort. The mind is uncomfortable with itself, or uncomfortable with the world. In the very middle of that discomfort, there is a crack. It is through that crack that you must go.” – Albert Low

„To every challenge there must obviously be a new response because today the problem is entirely different from what it was yesterday. Any problem is always new; it is undergoing transformation all the time. Each challenge demands a new response, and there can be no new response if the mind is not free. So freedom is at the beginning, not just at the end.“ – J. Krishnamurti

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