Sound of Silence


„The inertia of going forward is so strong that it sometimes takes punishment to stop us. Which is why we say the moments of difficulty in life can be so valuable. They stop us in our tracks. We don’t trundle on regardless. We are held up for a moment, and in that moment something is possible. Wake up to this going forward, this longing, this searching, – see it not as a factor in life but as life itself. All life is going forward, driving towards unity. This same force drives you forward. It is the force that speaks, walks, hears, writes symphonies, builds cathedrals. No wonder we are unconscious of what is so fundamental. But what is it that drives forward? Everything flows down the river; what is it that doesn’t flow down the river?
Can there ever be the sense ‘I am’ without being something or other?“

Zen Master A.Low

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