The process of objectification


„There are no things, only processes.“

„Remember, objects are really the perceiving of them. The perceiving of them is what objects are. When an object is seen as an object, there would have to be a subject other than the object. Yet ‚in truth‘ there is neither the subject that sees nor the object that is seen; there is only the actuality of ’seeing‘.

Even if the normal process of objectification has taken place, when coming from a ’non-dual‘ perspective, one has taken note of this fact and seen the false as false.“

Got it? Impossible to ‚grasp‘ by way of ‚intellect‘. So most people miss this simple fact and remain ‚lost in translation‘. What a pity!!!! Look how they undo one another, all these illusory ‚post-fact entities’….. . Actually being lost in nothing less and nothing more than a nightmare. What to do?

Oh, please ‚wake up‘ and the whole horrific episode will immediately come to an end:

„All ‚existence‘ is a continuous process of objectifying. We only exist as one another’s objects and, as such, only in the consciousness that cognizes us. When objectivization ceases, as in deep sleep, the objective universe disappears. So long as one imagines oneself as a separate entity, a person, one cannot see the total picture of the impersonal reality. And the idea of a separate personality is due to the illusion of space and time, which by themselves have no independent existence for they are only instruments, mere media
to make manifestation cognizable.
At any time, only one thought or feeling or perception can be reflected in consciousness, but thoughts feelings and perceptions move on in succession giving the illusion of duration. And personality comes into being simply because of memory — identifying the present with the past and projecting it into the future.
Think of yourself as momentary, without a past or future, then where is the personality? Try this and find out for yourself. In memory and anticipation, that is in the past and the future, there is a clear feeling that there is a mental state under observation, whereas in the actual the feeling is primarily of being awake and present — here and now.“

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