Hundreds of horses were stranded for three days on a tiny sliver of land surrounded by water and faced certain death until an amazing group of women came to their rescue.
This true story took place in the Netherlands in 2006. The horses became trapped after a fierce storm caused the waters of the North Sea to unexpectedly rise and trap the animals.
Time was running out for the horses, as the bitterly cold winds and icy rains continued to beat down on them.
Firemen and animal welfare officers brought the horses food and water to keep up their strength while they came up with a rescue plan.
That’s when six women, experienced riders with horses that were unafraid of the water, would try to lure the 100 horses to make the crossing!

Someone remarked: „Wild horses have a very fluid hierarchy structure. Herds are usually led by an older experienced mare who knows the terrain, in combination with a stallion who kind of serves as a bodyguard. If a herd comes across an obstacle, they will follow whichever horse has the most experience with that kind of obstacle, no matter what its usual position in the herd is. It was very smart of these women to use horses that were not afraid of water to show the trapped horses the way to freedom. Its amazing to see how quickly the whole herd followed, once they saw the example!“






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