The goal of mindfulness techniques —whether you’re focusing on an image, your breath, or sensations in your body, you’re trying to coax your mind into what Kabat-Zinn calls a state of nondoing. That’s not the same as doing nothing. Rather, it means you’re not thinking about your grocery list or the conversation you had with a friend last night or the unfinished report sitting on your desk at work. Nor are you trying to force your mind to go blank or conjure up any special feelings. You’re concentrating on just one thing, experiencing each moment as it happens.

Reality has no content or form. This is why it can’t be known. One looks around and says,“But the room is real. Surely the content of reality is the room”. No. The content of the room is what you perceive. And what you perceive with is reality. Because of you, the room is real;it is not because the room is real that you see it.
For the ‘me’ such practice is like going towards death. But each one of us has his / her own work to do. Don’t ever compare yourself with another person. You are incomparable. Like someone said, “Everything is unique, there is no difference”. Your work is your work.
Attention! This ‘you’ does not mean ‘you’ as the known personality, it means ‘That’ – immediacy, presence, being here and now, without content or form, direct perception – which gives reality to every thought and observation. This is real meditation.

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