Is there anybody out there?

„Can human beings be persons today? Can a man be his actual self with another man or woman? Before we can ask such an optimistic question as, „What is a personal relationship?“, we have to ask if a personal relationship is possible, or, are persons possible in our present situation? We are concerned with the possibility of man. This question can be asked only through its facets. Is love possible? Is freedom possible?“ – R. D. Laing

The politics of the mind

„Mother’s gonna make all your nightmares come true.
Mother’s gonna put all her fears into you.
Mother’s gonna keep you right here under her wing.
She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.
Mama will keep baby cozy and warm…….“ – Pink Floyd, The Wall

„From the moment of birth, when the Stone Age baby confronts the twentiety-century mother, the baby is subjected to these forces of violence, called love, as its mother and father, and their parents and their parents before them, have been. These forces are mainly concerned with destroying most of its potentialities, and on the whole this enterprise is successful. By the time the new human being is fifteen or so, we are left with a being like ourselves, a half­crazed creature more or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age.“ – Ronald. D. Laing

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